Got a feature request to sort videos along with photos. Maybe I'll make it a feature of the new version. Also have some thoughts about interface redesign.
7/27/2011 03:31:33 am

Hi there Igor,

I liked you app, it allowed me to sort A LOT of photos I had in my phone and now they are well sorted, I prefered a "yyyy-mm/yyyymmdd_" template, but since the last update, theone that works in the background, it does nothing! =O) . . when I click on the "process files" button, I get a popup that says "file processing is already in progress" and that I will be notified when it is over . .. but it never gets started, I tried with a folder with 5 photos. .. and just the same! . .. no notification wheter is to tell me it finished or there was an error, it simply just does not work, I checked the directory to see if anything changed and nope! .. . no new directories inthe destination path and no deleted files in the source path!


José Alberto Guerra Ugalde


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