It saves the day once again
Since version 1.7 there is ACRA (Application Crash Report for Android) libary incorporated into PhotoSorter. And already it has proved itself to be very useful. There were no crash reports on Android Market, but ACRA report was showing some NPEs while trying to get directory listing in some cases. I've conducted some research and have found out, that the program had been crashing if user had been trying to setup PhotoSorter while the storage device was unavailable. This was fixed in 1.8.
Ok. So today (or maybe tomorrow) I'm releasing Photosorter 1.6 (primarily a bugfix). Then I have plans to implement scheduled sorting and make a major release 2.0 (in some 2-3 weeks). And then perhaps I'll postpone Photosorter for a while (only releasing occasional bugfixes if it will be necessary). I've got some new ideas that need to be investigated :)
Some new users find it confusing that "Process Files" button is disabled for no apparent reason. This will be fixed in the next hotfix. Meanwhile, I'll explain, what's the problem: it simply means that you haven't made all necessary settings. So press Menu button on your phone, select Settings and set up source and destination paths. The button will be enabled.
If you stuck with the problem, that the program is not running on you device, then PLEASE don't rate it 1star with comment "It doesn't work on my ...." or at least state your problem more precisely (it crashes, it doesn't sort, it hangs or else). I am physically unable to test the program on each and every device in the world, so please, be more specific. Or better, leave such comments here, using the feedback form.

Update after receiving comment from Swirl. If you see the disabled Process Files button, don't panic :) Press Menu button on your phone, select Settings and set up source and destination paths. I admit, it's a bit confusing, I've already received some similar complains. So there is an update coming soon where 
Got a feature request to sort videos along with photos. Maybe I'll make it a feature of the new version. Also have some thoughts about interface redesign.
There was a bug report with OutOfMemoryError while reading ICC information from JPEG file. I've removed some unnecessary (at least for photo sorting needs) code, so it uses less memory and thus it is less probable to cause OOM. But still, if there are too many files it will probably hit the same problem. Don't know for now, what to do with this. Maybe, some kind of batch processing?
BTW, this enhancement will also speed up file data gathering phase a bit.